Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Three Ways To Preserve Copy Machines In Your Office

Judith Anderson

Copy machines are a vital part of any successful office. However, they may not get much attention as long as they seem to be working and producing copies. In order to ensure they continue to work well so that you can avoid project delays and repair costs, it's important to take some time to determine how best to maintain them. The ideas below provide some ways that you can preserve your office's machines.

Keep Them Clean

It might not have occurred to you that your copy machines need regular cleaning. However, cleaning your copy machines on a regular basis is a way to prevent the buildup of paper fibers, dust, and other debris. The buildup of those substances may lead to paper jams and other problems for internal parts of the machine.

To clean the copy machines in your office, you'll need a canned air duster and a handheld vacuum. First, use the canned air duster to blow dust, lint, and other debris out of the crevices of the machines, and then vacuum up all the debris.

Be Gentle with Paper Jams

Paper jams happen from time to time with copy machines, and how you handle them may affect the condition of the machine itself. If you are like a lot of people, finding a paper jam causes a feeling of irritation and you yank the jammed paper out of the machine. Be aware that when you do this, you might be leaving small bits of paper behind that can contribute to a future jam.

To handle jams properly, gently dislodge the jammed paper and use a canned air duster to blow tiny bits of paper and debris away. Do not blow on the copy machine yourself; your breath is moist with saliva and that moisture might negatively affect metal components in the machine.

Don't Wait to Replace Toner

In a busy office, it is easy to ignore notifications from your copy machine that the toner is low, especially if the copies look fine to you. However, it is important to replace the toner as soon as you are notified by the machine, because low toner may affect other components, such as the developer and the machine drum.

The suggestions laid out above can help you to preserve the copy machines in your office. If you and your employees use the information, you can keep the machines working for some time. Consult a copy machine expert (such as one from Peter Paul Office Equipment) for more ideas.


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