Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Tips For Personalizing A Funeral Home

Judith Anderson

In planning your funeral home decoration, there are some standard options for decorating with flowers, banners, and artwork. But you may also wish to do more to customize the look of the funeral ceremony to be more representative of your departed loved one. Here are some tips on how to decorate a funeral home with personal touches. 

Creating a Decorative Urn or Casket

One option that you may consider is getting a non-standard urn or casket. You can have these custom made with unique designs or materials that reflect your loved one. 

Crowd-Sourced Artwork

Another way to make the funeral home more personable and even interactive is to have guests create personalized art for the ceremony. One example is to have colorful paper cranes that guests can write memories on and tape them to a wall. This can give the space a lot more color and a more homey feeling for the ceremony. 

Use Media 

Many funeral homes have audiovisual equipment that you can use to personalize the ceremony. For instance, you could create a playlist of songs that you know your loved one enjoyed. Or, you may ask guests for suggestions on songs that remind them of your loved one. By playing them throughout the ceremony, you can give guests a special connection with your loved one during the funeral ceremony. 

Another option is to use video and pictures for your ceremony. Again, you may need to ask your guests for help collecting important photos and videos throughout your loved one's life. You could compile these into a slideshow or video that repeats throughout the ceremony. Just be sure to check the audiovisual equipment well before your ceremony to make sure these items will be available and working during the ceremony. You can ask your funeral director to set up audiovisual equipment before your arrival on the day of the ceremony. 

Personal Belongings

Another idea is to have a display of personal items from your loved one's lifetime. These may be items from their personal belongings that held a lot of meaning to them, or items that are contributed by guests that remind them of the loved one. These could be placed into a curated display with some notes or memories about why the items were significant. 

In short, there are a number of ways to make the funeral home more personalized. Ask your funeral director for suggestions on how to arrange a funeral home display that is heartfelt, while still looking great and leaving room for the funeral service. 


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