Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Child's Middle School Need Money For Science Camp? 2 Different Ways They Can Raise Funds

Judith Anderson

If your child is in middle school and their class wants to go to science camp, it may be much too expensive for the school. To help, there are many ways you can do fundraising so all the children can go to the science camp and not only learn, but also have a great time. Below are two ideas to help you get started.

Host a Talent Show

The children can host a talent show to make money. They could sing songs as a group, such as the latest songs on the radio, or if someone does sing well, let them sing a solo. Some children may choose to act out a certain part of a play or a movie. Others may have instruments they can play or some may like to dance or do tumbling.

Get the kids together to learn the different acts they want to do to help you determine the length of the talent show. Once decided, let the kids practice their acts while they are on stage. This also allows you, the teacher, and other parents to see if the act would work well for the talent show. Decide what you want to charge each person for the talent show.

Start advertising for the talent show well in advance so people will set aside the time to come to it. Give each child a flier to take home with them, and put a note with it for the parents to tell their friends and other family members about the show. You could post signs outside of school, at your local supermarket, and at the library. Most people will be glad to help when it is a fundraiser for a school.

Sell Custom Designed T-shirts

There are companies that will custom make t-shirts for you with any design that you want. Many of these companies will let you design your own t-shirt online and they will place the design on the t-shirt.

You can purchase a variety of t-shirts in bulk to save money. Purchase some designs and letters that you can iron onto the shirts. Let the children pick the images and sayings they want to use. Many people love to purchase things when it was designed by a child.

Sell the shirts during school sporting events or hold a sale at your school. Many stores will allow you to stand outside and sell items to their customers.

Your child's class should have the money they need in no time by following these school fundraising ideas and tips.


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