Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Four Reasons You Should Invest In A Rented Coworking Office Space

Judith Anderson

If you work as a freelance employee or you own your own business, it is completely possible to conduct all daily business operations from the comfort of your home office. You have everything you need in your home to get through the day. You can even invite vendors and clients over for meetings. You likely also have found that it is more cost-effective to run your day-to-day operations from your home. However, if you haven't considered renting or leasing an office space outside your home, considering the following benefits of doing so.

Professional Workspace

A rented spot in a coworking office space gives your business a more professional appearance. You have a dedicated office address where you can send mail. This also allows you to keep your home life separate from your business life. This will also keep clients and vendors from invading your privacy during after-office hours, or on a day off or a scheduled vacation. You will be able to leave work at the office and focus on your personal life when you are home.

Increased Productivity

Whether you have a dedicated office in your home, or you work from the kitchen table or the top of your bedroom nightstand, there will always be an opportunity for you to squeeze more work product out of your day. When you have a dedicated office space, you avoid the distractions of family, deliveries, personal phone calls and other issues that will slow you down and drag your attention away from your work. A dedicated office space will help you stay more organized, increase your productivity, and likely increase your profit margin.

Tax Issues

The IRS allows self-employed individuals and small business owners to take a tax write-off for workspace, utilities and other costs of running a business out of the home. However, this can be problematic and an audit may be looming if you attempt to do your own tax return. You can also take a tax deduction for a rented office space in many cases. This is easier to prove than making calculations on the portion of your home you use for business operations.


One great benefit of renting space in a shared office space is networking. You get to meet others and get your name out there. You can also find other freelancers or business owners that you can share contacts with and collaborate with on projects. This can help you grow your business and your list of professional organizations and contacts that you work with. You can also find new clients to grow your business.

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