Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

What Type Of Pressure Washer Does Your Business Need?

Judith Anderson

Regardless of whether your business involves a white-collar industry like insurance or finance or a trade like HVAC or equipment rental, it's likely you'll need a pressure washer (or two) for a variety of routine tasks, from cleaning your storefront to ensuring company cars are always pristine. However, the right type of pressure washer for your company can largely depend on your specific needs and projected uses. Read on to learn more about the best features to look for in a pressure washer for your own business. 

For keeping cars and storefronts clean:

Paying for each of your company cars to go through the carwash weekly can drain your cash reserves. When you want a pressure washer to keep these vehicles (and the sidewalk in front of your store) clean at a moment's notice, you'll want to prioritize portability and ease of use. Because high pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure can literally strip paint from surfaces, choosing a high-PSI model that's large and unwieldy won't give you what you need. You'll want a smaller gas or electric model that can be easily moved from place to place and can start with the push of a switch. 

For keeping heavy equipment clean:

Cleaning heavy equipment can require a bit more power than washing passenger vehicles, so you'll likely want to choose a gas pressure water over an electric model if you're planning to use it to hose down farm implements or construction equipment. You'll also want to ensure whichever model you choose has a PSI regulator so that you can control the water pressure and avoid damaging any delicate parts even while maintaining power for the tougher ones.

For industrial uses (like stripping paint):

Using a pressure washer to strip paint or process raw materials will require a large engine and the maximum amount of pressure per square inch you can fit within your budget. You'll also want to pay attention to the settings on the PSI regulator, as stripping paint may require a wider and flatter spray than other applications. If you plan to incorporate the pressure washer into your business's daily needs, you may want to consider getting a model that runs on propane or natural gas, allowing you to hook it up to a large tank of fuel that can last weeks rather than refilling it with gasoline every few hours as it runs dry.

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