Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

2 Reasons To Install A Monitored Security System In Your Home

Judith Anderson

One of the most important additions that you can make to your home is to install a security system, but it can often be difficult to decide which type and style of security system to install, as most of them tend to have their own set of benefits. Listed below are two reasons to consider installing a monitored security system. 

Follows Up On Any Alarms

One of the biggest reasons to install a monitored security system is that the security system will be connected to a monitoring center where there will be actual people that will follow up with you if the security system is triggered. This is the key difference between a monitored system and an off-the-shelf system that simply sounds an alarm within the house that is only meant to let the residents know that something is wrong. For example, if a monitored security system detects a potential break-in, the monitoring staff will call you to make sure that the alarm was not set off accidentally or contact the police if they cannot reach you or if the alarm was not set off by mistake. 

This can also apply to other situations as well, since you can get a monitored security system that will also detect gas leaks and smoke in order to protect you and your family in the event of a fire. Another way that some of these monitored security systems can follow up with you after an alarm is set off is by sending actually security staff to your home to check up on you in person, which can go a long way toward helping you and your family feel more secure.

Provides Home Insurance Savings

Another reason to install a monitored security system is that it can help you save money on your home insurance policy. While both a monitored and off-the-shelf security system can save you money, an insurance company will often give greater discounts for a monitored system due to the fact that emergency services are automatically contacted if the alarm goes off and you fail to answer the phone. The reason for this is that the automatic notification of emergency services will serve to minimize the potential damage to your house that a fire, gas leak, or intruder can cause, which will result in you having to file fewer claims with the insurance company. 

Contact a security service like Intellex Security in your area to discuss how a monitored security system can help you and your family. A monitored system is a great way to secure your home because it can provide both a follow up on any alarms and savings when it comes to your home insurance policy.


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