Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

3 Things To Know When Bailing A Friend Out Of Jail

Judith Anderson

Did you receive a phone call from a friend who wants you to bail him or her out of jail? If you can't pay cash, keep in mind that there are a few things involved with going through a bail bonds company. It is important for you to have trust in your friend before agreeing to go through the bail bonds process on his or her behalf. Below, you will find out how much involvement you will have when getting help for your friend through a bail bonds company.

1. You Will Need Information About Your Friend

There are a few pieces of information that the bail bonds company will need about your friend before they can assist. For example, you must obtain your friends full legal name if you don't know it already. His or her real name is necessary because it will allow the bail bonds company to bail out the correct person. If there is more than one jail in the area, make sure that the correct name of the one that your friend is booked in is known. You might also be asked for the booking number that was assigned when your friend was arrested.

2. You Have to Be Prepared to Put Up Something as Collateral

You must understand that when you go through the application process with a bail bonds company, you will basically be applying for a loan. The loan will be obtained on behalf of your friend, but you will play a role in what happens if he or she does not pay it back. The bail bonds company will ask you to provide something of value that can be used if the loan is not paid back. For example, you might want to use jewelry, your car, or even a credit card as collateral. The items that can be used for collateral can vary between each bail bonds company.

3. Money Will Be Lost if Your Friend Skips Town

If your friend decides to skip town after he or she has been released from jail, you can end up in a financial bind. You will be responsible for paying back the loan from the bail bonds company, and failing to pay will lead to it going into default. You can then be at risk of being sued. However, you might be able to prevent getting into such a situation if you are able to return your friend to jail.

Visit a bail bonds company to begin the application process.


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