Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

FAQ About Radon Gas

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Have you been unable to figure out why you are constantly suffering from respiratory infections? It is possible that you are in need of a medical checkup in case radon poisoning is the cause of your condition. If you use a well as the method for receiving water in your house, there is a high chance that you have consumed radon. Take a look at this article to learn more about radon and how to prevent it from affecting your health.

Where Does Radon Come From?

Radon is basically a radioactive gas that is produced when uranium naturally breaks down. The most common place that the gas is found is in soil. However, high levels of radon can also be found in igneous rocks. If you use a water well, it can be the source of radon getting into your house. Basically, the gas can get into groundwater that is pumped up out of contaminated soil. Keep in mind that radon gas is hard to detect without special equipment because it has no color, odor, or taste.

How Does Radon Affect Someone's Health?

Radon gas can be consumed by drinking contaminated water or via inhaling it from the air. Once a sufficient amount of the gas enters your body, there are numerous symptoms that can be experienced. For example, you might experience a persistent cough or problem with breathing easily. The most serious effect that radon poisoning can have on your health is the development of lung cancer.

How Should Radon Tests Be Done?

It is important for you to know that radon levels can constantly fluctuate, which means only a small amount might be found on one day over another. If you opt for purchasing a testing kit to perform the task on your own, you might not obtain accurate results. Hiring a professional to perform testing is the best way to obtain accurate results. A professional will be able to determine how much radon is around your property no matter how the levels fluctuate, as thorough testing will be done. Samples of rocks and groundwater can be tested in a laboratory.

How Can Radon Levels Be Kept Under Control?

The best way to keep radon levels under control is by getting a mitigation system installed in your home. The system will help with ventilating any radon gas that is circulating in your house by sending it out through an exterior fan. Sometime the fan is installed in the attic, but it depends on the blueprint of your specific house. If radon is in your water, a granular activated carbon (GAC) system can be used to remove it. Invest in radon removal equipment as soon as you find out if the gas is in your water and air.

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