Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

"Mission Critical Mindset" Principles And How They Apply To Data Center Facility Management

Judith Anderson

Data center facility management is a necessity to doing business. You have to manage your data and your data center or you could suffer financial losses because of power outages, shortages, and human errors. There is a "mission critical mindset" needed to mitigate these impending issues, since it is not just a matter of how, but when these issues arise. The principles and practices of this mindset will help you manage your data and data center more effectively, efficiently and reduce the frustration and grief that comes with critical situations. Here are some more of those principles and how they apply to data center facility management.

Risk Avoidance and Related Problem Solving

A fully analyzed, process-driven approach to avoiding security risks and resolving related problems is a major principle of the "mission critical" mindset. Imagine your data center is one giant, open book to anybody that finds a way to open its security covers and read what is inside. Major security risks have to be avoided at all costs, but they cannot be avoided if you and your IT team do not sit down and closely examine and analyze every possible risk and take all precautions to avoid it.

Likewise, if there are risks and someone goes around and through them to get to your company's data, you need to be prepared to shut down the breach and not lose everything you have. This means that you really have to analyze your system, what you want to protect, what you absolutely have to keep and keep safe, and then formulate a plan to keep your data and the data system safe. This is at the heart of every data system management plan.

Acting without Thinking

You may wonder how "acting without thinking" is a "mission critical" principle. It means you have already formulated a very effective plan and have practiced it to the point where it is second nature. Some would argue that you can also call this "acting with confidence," since you are confident of the plan and its success. When you are confident in your actions and execution of the plan, your data center and its data will not lose important data, nor will it remain shut down for longer than it absolutely needs to be because of your quick action.

Continuing Education

Without a doubt, technology is constantly changing. With its constant changes, those in the know change with it. Continuing education for your IT team and for yourself is a "mission critical" mindset principle because it combats new and developing issues with your data center. A constantly updated education helps thwart problems and threats before they occur, since you can then find solutions, upgrade your data center on your own, and manage the center without outside help or emergency assistance. Continuing education gives you and your IT team an edge on the data center management needs of your company, something which not every competitor considers or is doing.

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