Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Prepare Your Holiday Decorations For Storage

Judith Anderson

The holiday season is upon you. While you're probably still hanging the last of your decorations, it's never too early to think ahead. With the rising cost of holiday decorations, making sure you're able to use them for years to come is the goal. Start thinking about how you will store away your decorations now to ensure you're prepared and your decorations remain intact.

Invest In A Light Reel

Holiday string lights can be quite finicky. If the wiring gets stretched, even the slightest, this can cause a short in the connection and cause the whole system of lights to fail – making them useless. When you simply toss your lights in a box, not only do you increase the risk of wire damage, it's easy to also damage the bulbs.

Investing in a light reel can help you avoid this. A light reel is a circular, spool-like device that you can securely and neatly wrap the lights around while in storage. This low-cost investment protects your lights and makes hanging easier.

Properly Protect Your Ornaments

If you have nice, glass or silver ornaments, make sure you are investing in quality ornament storage. There are several plastic containers that you can purchase that are low in cost, but they aren't always the best. Many of these units are not airtight, meaning moisture can seep inside the container.

In the case of metal ornaments, this can cause tarnishing. Quality ornament storage containers are generally airtight and lined with a plush fabric to keep the ornaments protected. For expensive ornaments, consider investing in a tarnish-proof pouch to place each individual ornament in.

Clean Everything First

Take some time to clean all your decorations before you store them away. Particularly for those decor items that were placed outside, insects, dirt, and other debris can settle within these decorations and overtime cause damage. If the item can be washed, a rinse with a low-power water hose should be sufficient.

For items that can't be washed, running a feather dust along the surface will help. For any electrical items, make sure you are removing any excess dust to prevent damage. The cleaner your decorations when you store them away, the easier your job when it's time to rehang them.

Make sure you are protecting your investment by properly preparing your holiday decorations for storage. Your extra effort today will ensure you're prepared for the holidays next year.  


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