Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

3 Factors To Consider When Buying A High Pressure Pump

Judith Anderson

The industrial equipment in your facility plays an integral role in day-to-day operations. Keeping your equipment clean is essential if you want to improve the efficiency and extend the lifespan of costly machinery.

A high pressure pump is a great tool that can be used to quickly clean industrial machinery. Selecting the right pump is important, so be sure that you consider these three factors before you make an investment in a pump that can be used for your industrial cleaning needs.

1. Water Source

A high pressure pump is connected to a water source when used in cleaning applications. You should take the time to identify the water source you will be using before you invest in a new pump.

If you plan to utilize a large water tank mounted to a truck as your water source, you will want a high pressure pump that can also be mounted on a vehicle or trailer. Pairing a tank with a mountable pump ensures that your cleaning system will be mobile at all times.

If you are planning to rely on a municipal water connection, the size and portability of the pump you choose won't be as critical.

2. Environmental Conditions

The conditions inside your industrial facility will influence the type of high pressure pump that will work best for cleaning your equipment.

Certain pumps are specifically engineered to withstand exposure to high temperatures, caustic chemicals, and industrial debris. If any of these environmental conditions are present in your facility, you will need to invest in a pump that can work within those conditions while retaining its efficiency.

Pumps that will be used outdoors or in a clean environment will not face the same demands, so additional engineering safeguards aren't necessary.

3. Pressure Demands

A high pressure pump creates pressurized water that can effectively remove dirt and debris from your industrial equipment. It's essential that you think about your pressure demands before investing in a new pump, so that you end up with a pump equipped to meet your needs.

A direct flow pump is always the best option for facilities with high pressure demands. These pumps are capable of creating much higher pressures than their counterparts because of their reinforced manifolds.

A piston pump can still produce pressurized water, but these pumps are designed to be used in situations where a lower pressure and longer duty cycle are required. Understanding your pressure demands will help you choose between a direct flow and a piston pump.

For more information, contact a company who carries high pressure pumps.


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