Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Buying Materials And Tools For Your Company

Why Adding Dash Cams to Commercial Trucks Is Essential

Judith Anderson

If you have a fleet of commercial trucks or own just one that you drive every day, the potential for accidents on the road is always there. It is difficult to tell what happened or who caused the accident in many cases. Adding a dash cameras system for trucks in your fleet or the one you drive is the best way to document what happened on the road at the time of the collision, and for fleet vehicles, the trucking company can use the same system to monitor driver compliance.

Dash Cameras

Installing dash camera systems for trucks in your commercial vehicle is not difficult. Once it is in place, you can install a memory card to record and store the data that the camera system is seeing. While the card will not hold days of footage, the camera system may be able to overwrite the card every few days, and if you do have an incident that you need to save, you can pull the card out and replace it right away.

Collisions and accidents are only one use for these camera systems, but the recorded footage of a crash could be the best evidence you have in court if the other driver caused the accident. Along with collisions, many drivers use their cameras system to monitor activity outside the cab at night when they are sleeping or are out of the truck for a few minutes. 

The system can be left running while you are out of the truck, so if someone messes around with the truck or breaks into it, you will have a recording that will allow police to find the crook. The footage from most dash camera systems for trucks can be used by the trucking company you are working for to protect their interests in the event of an incident.

Driver Compliance

The driver and the company often can be the subject of lawsuits if there is an incident with your truck, so the company must prove you were complying with the law and driving safely. In addition, some dash cameras systems for trucks can transmit footage from the camera to the trucking company every few hours. 

The camera may also have a smaller rear-facing camera that will monitor the driver's activity in the truck to ensure they are not on the phone or doing something that could be distracting while driving. The camera may be able to send telemetry from the truck, allowing the company to monitor speeds and the condition of the truck while it is moving. 

Dash camera systems for trucks can be vital in ensuring your fleet is safe and efficient, and if you are using one in a privately-owned truck, they can be the best protection for you as a driver.  


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